Khaeon Gamestudio is a Technology Agnostic studio developing for leading-edge technologies

When creating great games, each project presents a new and different technological challenge. Completing a project adds to the existing experience and versatility, allowing continuous improvement of the already proven ability to execute on any technology and platform.

Games Business
Khaeon Gamestudio creates game products for game consumers.

Business Minded
Khaeon Gamestudio has the proven ability to quickly adapt, survive and thrive in a highly dynamic business and market environment.

Product/Market Fit
Khaeon Gamestudio designs products for a market, looking to deliver the maximum game experience to a specific target audience.

Khaeon Gamestudio uses transparent communication throughout the project with clients, ensuring correct expectations and successful product results.

To successfully manage different sized projects and maximum scheduling flexibility, only the best suited resources are selected per project.

Khaeon Gamestudio strives to create new experiences.

After establishing the foundations for a new style and direction that fits the target audience, each project is executed to the highest quality art standards for maximum product/market fit.

Khaeon Gamestudio has the proven ability to successfully navigate the challenges of serving a wide range of different audiences. This is not limited to the way the game plays, but also how the game looks and performs.

The art direction does not stop at the point where the art-style for a project has been found, but continuous through a style-guide that guarantees a consistent look.

Art for games is continuously faced with the challenge of getting maximum visual performance within the technical limits of the medium.

Rough Cookie is the partnership of Elements Interactive and our parent company Creative ICG. Established in 2008 in The Netherlands, Rough Cookie is focused on the design and development of premium quality games for mobile and handheld platforms.

As a developer, Rough Cookie works with several key industry players. Its 2008 debut iPhone game Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics was released by Chillingo, while WaterWays was released by Japanese publisher Taito. In 2009, Rough Cookie continued to produce quality title games, most notably Star Defense, based on a Khaeon Gamestudio concept and published by ngmoco.

After its release in June 2009, Star Defense won several awards and was shown as a key example of games on the iPhone platform during the WWDC 2009 Apple keynote.

Star Defense reached the US App Store top 10 of best selling iPhone games in the summer of 2009. Late 2009 the company received a Dutch Game Award for Star Defense and Rough Cookie was ranked #30 in the top 50 iPhone developers of the year by

A concept and project initiative of Khaeon Gamestudio.

Khaeon Gamestudio provided expertise, game concept, core gameplay and overall technical and visual design. Khaeon Gamestudio assisted in the first push of development before handing the project over in 2007 to the newly recruited and trained team at Spellborn Works. Khaeon Gamestudio provided additional developement services from 2007 to 2009.